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Shellshock Studio is a recording and mixing studio located at the Belgian coast in Bruges. Specialized in (alternative) rock, punk, hardcore & metal. My goal is to create a relaxed environment where musicians can use unique tools to capture their own sound and give their best performance possible. Since the beginning 5 years ago many bands have found their way here. You can find a selection of them on the Discography section.
The studio is equipped with tons of hi-end gear. At the heart of the control room there is a SSL AWS 948 delta console, combined with top notch microphones, outboard and converters to make you sound massive.
For questions and pricing contact me through info@shellshockstudio.be.

In the studio we worked with: Albert's Bastards, Always Fallen, At The Front, At This Side Of Fate, ATOM, Atomic Vulture, Bearfeet, Cleo, Cowboys & Aliens, De Branding, Decision, Distel, Eternal Breath, From Whence We Came, Hold The Crown, I Will, I Swear, Johhny Crash & The Knocked-Ups, Karibu Orchestra, Left Eye Perspective, Lethal Injury, Low Estates, Lyrique, Madsin, Mask, Maurice Engelen, Mind Wolf, Momma Said So, Mr. Myst, Odyssee, Pawnshop Blvd., Plukketuffer, Retired Punx, Robert, Shuriken II, Signs Of Algorithm, Soviet Grass, Sundays, Superstash, The Article Sixties, The Day Off, The Lotus Tree, Themoodofsteffie, Waiting For The Sunrise, Wasted 24/7, Your Face Offends Me.
Live I’m working with: Cowboys & Aliens, Fields Of Troy (stand-in), Ostrogoth, Mr. Myst, Signs Of Algorithm, Waiting For The Sunrise, Wasted 24/7, The Lotus Tree, The Motorboat Club (stand-in).


How can we help you?


Preproduction is the start of any project, wether it’s in a bed room, a rehearsal space or at a studio it’s a very important step. I always try to listen to some demo’s or come to a rehearsal session before the recording starts. In my opinion preparation is key and it can make life much easier during the recording sessions. This way we can take you and your bands performance to the next level and make it stand out form the rest.


Every project is mixed with the finest tools to make your recordings come to life. Mix sessions can be attended if wanted but I prefer working on my own and sending you the mixes at the end of the day. This way you can listen to the tracks on a sound system that is familiar to your ears and give me feedback. Recording your tracks by yourself DIY style? No problem, it’s possible to have them mixed at Shellshock Studio.


Mastering is the final step of the production process. This can be done in house but most of the time i prefer working with an external mastering engineer for projects i have mixed myself. It’s always good to have a pair of fresh ears laying down the finishing touches on the tracks. My mixes have been mastered by Uwe Teichert, Frederik Dejongh, Alan Douches, Jason Livermore, Brad Boatright, Gert Van Hoof, Kris Belaen, …


What do we use?

Mixing desk

SSL AWS 948 delta console
The AWS 948 is a 24-channel mixer with 48 analog inputs. Each of the AWS 948's 24 channels features a top-of-the-line SSL SuperAnalogue microphone preamplifier, stereo line-level inputs, a stereo 4-band EQ, and a stereo compressor — all based on classic SSL technology and sound.


Rupert Neve Master Buss Processor
API 2500
Teletronix LA2A
Thermionic Culture Phoenix
Bricasti M7 Reverb
Ursa Major Space Station
Dave Hill Titan
Volfram 1178 Limiter
SPL Loudness Maximizer
SPL Machine Head


AKG C-414 B-ULS (pair), D12, C451 (pair)
Josephson C42 (2 x pair), C715
Sennheiser e409, e509, e504 (3x), e604 (4x)
Shure Beta 52, Beta 91, SM 58 (2x), SM 57 (2x)
Royer R-121
T-Bone RB-500 (pair)
Audix I5, D6 (2x)
Heil PR 31 bw
Brauner Valvet X
Neumann KM84


Vox AC30
Diezel Herbert
Peavey 5150
Orange TH30
Darkglass Microtubes 900
Ludwig Black Beauty (14 x 6,5”) snare
Ampeg SVT-410 HLF
PRS Custom 22


A small selection of our latest projects

Lethal Injury
Thrash Metal
Recording & Mixing
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At The Front
Thrash Metal
Recording & Mixing
listen watch
Atomic Vulture
Stone Of The Fifth Sun
Recording & Mixing
listen watch
Soviet Grass
Psychedelic Rock
listen watch
Hold The Crown
Hold The Crown
listen watch
Mr Myst
Red Light District
Sleaze Rock
Recording & Mixing
listen watch
My Advice
Hip Hop
Mixing & Mastering
listen watch
I Will, I Swear
Strings of Gold
Orchestral Pop
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Email: info@shellshockstudio.be
Phone: +32 (0)494/67 31 06
Veltemweg 56
8310 Brugge

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Opening hours

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  • Tuesday: Closed
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  • Thursday: 10:00 - 18:00
  • Friday: 10:00 - 18:00
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